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Andy's Diver Pic SAA home page

I'm a member of the Sub Aqua Association and belong to Alexandra Diving Club, Tipton, West Midlands, in the UK.

The SAA now has a website. It's worth a visit.

The diver picture is of "Helmut", taken by a friend of mine, Andy Purcell who's a world-class photographer. Drop him an email if you want to talk photography.

If you're interested in diving in the UK, check out the following:

UK Diving resource server: home page for lots of info on the major UK diving organisations and loads of links;

and the mailing list SCUBA-UK, send email to or visit Gordon Henderson's site at for subscription info.

If you're interested in more world-wide scuba discussion, my favourite newsgroups are:


Here's a repository for SCUBA-L Frequently Uttered Complaints

Larry "Harris" Taylor Ph.D. teaches diving at The University of Michigan, USA.

He is the author of a huge number of articles and posseses an amazingly large bibliography of diving topics.

"Harris" has kindly agreed to allow me to make some of his material available on this website. Enjoy these articles, but please remember that they are all © Larry "Harris" Taylor and respect his generosity in making them freely available for all of our benefit. Should you wish to reproduce them in part or whole, please ask permission from Harris first.

Harris's Articles

You might like to read an article by Jarrod Jablonski on Hogarthian Gear Configuration - many thanks to Carl Heinzl for doing all of the work of typing it in!


Henrik Carlsen has produced a useful scuba calculator
Lots of calculations and conversions -
plus graphical display of DAN format files uploaded from dive computers
It's now on Beta 0.99h (8 Feb 97)
This is the fourth version made available here
Click here to download a zip format copy of ScubaCalc (506 Kb)

Robert's Multi-Lingual Scuba Dictionary

Robert Wood has put a huge amount of work into producing a multi-lingual Scuba dictionary.

There are translations of lots of scuba terms between English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portugese, Dutch, Finnish and even Japanese! If you're stuck for a translation, here's the place to look.

For those who read the newsgroups, but don't understand all of the abbreviations on there, I'm compiling a list of the common ones. Mail me if you have a favourite and I'll add it.

AAS Alternate Air Source
ABLJ Adjustable Buoyacy Life Jacket, horse-collar style, forerunner of the BC
AGE Arterial Gas Embolism, bubble causing obstruction to a blood vessel
AOW Advanced Open Water (PADI qualification)
ASD Atrial Septal Defect, 'Hole in Heart'
AV Artificial Ventilation (cf: EAR)
BC Buoyancy Compensator
BT Bottom Time - definition is agency dependant
CESA Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent
CMAS Conféderation Mondiale des Activitiés Subaquatiques, International federation of scuba organisations from a number of countries
CPR Cardio-Pulmonary Rescusitation
DCI Decompression Illness, including DCS and AGE
DCS Decompression Sickness, the 'bends'
DSMB Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, SMB which is inflated at end of dive
DV Demand Valve, usually the second stage
EANx Enriched Air Nitrox
EAR Expired Air Rescusitation (preferred term now is AV)
EAV Expired Air Ventilation
FFM Full Face Mask
IP Intermediate Pressure, i.e. the pressure between the first and second stages
NDL No-Decompression Limit
OOA Out Of Air
OW Open Water
PDC Personal Dive Computer
PFO Patent Foramen Ovale, openable flap between atria (cf: ASD)
ppO2 Partial Pressure of Oxygen
RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat, solid keel and large inflated tubes
SI Surface Interval (between dives)
SMB Surface Marker Buoy, Buoy with flag (on a line to diver)
TUP Time Under Pressure, time underwater (cf: BT)

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