Larry "Harris" Taylor Ph.D. teaches diving at The University of Michigan, USA.

He is the author of a huge number of articles and posseses an amazingly large bibliography of diving topics.

"Harris" has kindly agreed to allow me to make some of his material available on this website. Enjoy these articles, but please remember that they are all © Larry "Harris" Taylor and respect his generosity in making them freely available for all of our benefit. Should you wish to reproduce them in part or whole, please ask permission from "Harris" first.

Altitude At-Altitude Arithmetic
Bash On Bashing, Flames & Training
Battle Battle Royale
Buoyancy Of Hula Hoops and Buoyancy Control
Deep Dive A Few Things Your Sport Diving Instructor May Not Have Told You About Deeper Diving
EAN Oxygen Enriched Air: A New Breathing Mix?
Gas Calc Estimating Gas Consumption
Gas Laws What's Real: A Gas Laws Primer
Knife A Sharp Point
Mixed Gas Diving With Gas Mixes Other Than Air
Not Cold Not Being Cold
O2 clean O2 Cleaning: Some Harsh Chemical Realities
Psalm A Psalm Of The Dependent Diver
River River Diving
Snow Pike Stalking The Great Snow Pike
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Last updated 19 July 97