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Communication Consultants

"Communication" is an in-word in today's world of electronics, but its efficacy still depends upon efficient input.

We are concerned with that input.

Question:- When you speak - Do they listen?
? When they listen - Do they understand?
When they listen - Could they misunderstand?

Question:- Do you understand "The Committee"?
? Do you understand your rights and obligations as a committee member?
Would you accept appointment as Chairman?

Question:- A picture equals a thousand words - Do you use photography to its full potential?
? Have you ever regretted your decision to appoint an executive?
Are you as competent as you would like to be in the area of personnel selection?

These questions prompted the creation of our small private company 20 years ago which uses years of experience in public service, commerce and industry to offer in-company training in communication by means of courses tailored to your needs.
We also recognise that modern companies need to address new challenges:

Question:- Are you maximising your investment in IT?
? Are you making full use of all that the Internet offers?
Are you able to take advantage of new opportunities when they arise?

Call us to discuss your needs.

If you enter into contract with us, you pay only for the tutor - you do not pay 'per capita' for the students involved - at the rate of 500 per day plus expenses.

If your interest or curiosity is stimulated, contact:

Dilwyn Scott

Muchall Cottage
116 Mount Road

(+44) 1902-337617 (H)
(+44) 1384-816565 (W)

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