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Communication Consultants

Who are we?

We are a group of people with many years experience in training others towards skill and ability in self-expression.

Communication Consultants personnel are:

Coulson Scott:
Chairman, Managing Director of Communication Consultants for 30 years;
internationally reknowned speaker and lecturer;
40 years successful experience in Public Service and Private Industry;
past National President - Association of Speakers' Clubs;
writer and broadcaster for the BBC;

Dilwyn Scott, B.A., M.Ed., A.L.A.M. (Hons), F.R.S.A.:
Midlands Director;
30 years experience in teaching (Headteacher) and lecturing (Senior Lecturer);
international lecturer in communication skills;
writer and broadcaster;

Anthony Scott:
Northern Director;
professional photographer;
lecturer in visual arts (20 years);

Doug Taylor, M.A. (Cantab):
most recent addition to the team;
24 years successful teaching in secondary and further education;
background in industrial electronics and the broad application of IT, now specialising in Web design;

We believe we have something to offer Industrial and Commercial Organisations who are concerned with improving their internal and external communications.

Is there a need?

The current industrial climate points to a greater need for improved communication within the majority of our major Industrial and Commercial undertakings. This communication, so often thought of in terms of notices and letters, needs to be personalised and the emphasis changed to individual involvement by greater and more effective use of the all-important spoken word; which after all takes up something like seventy-five percent of all day-to-day communication in business.

We pose the question then:-

Is British Management sufficiently well trained in the use of the spoken word?

If the answer to this question is NO, as we believe it is, then therein lies the NEED for Specialist Training and we have the personnel to provide it.

What is the need?

In our view, the need is two-fold:-

  1. Person to person discussion

  2. Group discussion

In the first case, there is a need for confident, clear expression in the presentation of an idea or theory.

In the second case, the requirements are similar with the addition of a sound knowledge of Chairmanship and Meeting procedure as well as an ability to present a brief with or without the assistance of visual aids.

How can the need be met?

  1. Consultancy is the first step. Members of our staff would like the opportunity to study your individual problems and offer appropriate assistance.

  2. Training Courses or Seminars of up to three days duration will cover all aspects of Public Speaking, Effective Presentation, Chairmanship and Meeting Procedure.

  3. We will organise tailor-made courses to suit individual needs and conduct them within your own organisation. We will not invite students to attend at an outside centre in the company of members of other establishments whose needs may be different.

  4. Duration is arbitrary but since the emphasis must be on Active Participation and Practice by the individual course members, it has been found that at least two days is necessary for optimum benefit to be derived. In fact, best results have consistently been obtained from a three-day study-course presented to around fifteen students.

  5. To complement the skills of the spoken word, Communication Consultants is also able to offer training in the fields of Electronic Communication and the Internet. Additionally, Web site design and implementation can be enhanced.

Full particulars of our scale of charges may be obtained by letter or telephone or via the e-mail address below.
Any expenditure incurred by you may qualify for assistance from an Industrial Training Board.

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For more information mail:

Dilwyn Scott

Muchall Cottage
116 Mount Road

(+44) 1902-337617 (H)
(+44) 1384-816565 (W)

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