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FourSight - Implementing Vision

FourSight is an international consultancy based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom whose success is founded upon four factors:

  • the calibre of its personnel who develop realistic strategies which are appropriate and will directly benefit their clients
  • its willingness to implement recommendations on behalf of clients, if so desired
  • its commitment to long term relationships with clients
  • its discretion

FourSight offers a number of core competencies:

  • consultancy - working with clients' existing in-house teams as an additional resource or as a stand-alone unit, FourSight is thorough and discreet and does not seek to take the kudos for its work, rather leaving that for the client. Equally, it will not "cut and run", i.e. make recommendations, submit an invoice and move on to another project. FourSight investigates, reports its findings, makes recommendations and then implements - supporting the client every step of the way, right through to the impact of implementation
  • project management - from formulation of a business plan, through delivery of a project, to sensitively handling an issue, FourSight is able to develop and deliver a programme which supports the client in achieving the objective - accurately to schedule and to budget
  • interim management -should a client be short of a key management team member, FourSight can source a professional to fill the role, on a short, medium or long term contract. The benefit of the FourSight approach is that they will manage the person into the role and while performing the duties demanded and manage the transition from the position, including hand-over, when, or indeed if required

FourSight's expertise is in demand, a demand fuelled by client satisfaction and consequent recommendation. You may well have heard about its skills and performance from a fellow professional and this site will hopefully provide you with the opportunity to learn more about FourSight and how it may be appropriate to you.

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