Preparing for Europe - Are you ready?

Whether the UK participates in the single currency or not, it is inevitable that there will be closer links with our European partners.

This initiative is providing a number of opportunities and threats to organisations and it is critically important for all organisations to minimise these threats and to fully exploit the opportunities available.

The unknown market - opportunity or threat?

Organisations need to carefully consider the impact of the single market and its currency and to plan effectively.

FourSight are available to assist with:

  • undertaking market research into new markets, products and competitors;
  • examining the impacts for the new single currency with regard to pricing and financial systems;
  • undertaking a promotion drive into Europe;
  • setting up strategic alliances with like minded organisations within the EU;
  • identifying contacts within the EU;
  • preparing a taxation strategy;
  • preparing an offensive and/or defensive marketing plan;
  • examining IT systems and their implications.

So get ahead - plan for Europe - before it starts to plan you!

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