Financial Healthcheck & VFM - A check on your running costs

Effective financial management is paramount, as financial demands become more stringent. The financial efficiency of your organisation may be improved by obtaining greater value for money from services either through income generation (IG) or through cash releasing efficiency savings (CRES).

CRES schemes provide cash releasing savings within specific departments and organisations by obtaining better value for money without adversely affecting the quality or level of service. IG schemes provide the organisation with additional products and services to users, visitors, and staff and tothe general community. They can raise the organisation's profile as well as raising additional funds. Such schemes are diverse in nature and vary from the provision or manufacture of additional goods and services to fund-raising events that can involve both national and local celebrities.

Are you getting your monies work?

FourSight has the expertise and experience to identify, plan, implement and monitor IG and CRES schemes individually or collectively. Our Financial Healthcheck is designed to identify opportunities by:

  • assessing the logistics and procedures of the current provision of service;
  • making comparisons with similar service providers through benchmarking;
  • reviewing the continued applicability and viability of existing schemes;
  • reviewing the appropriateness of structures and resources;
  • identifying both CRES and IG opportunities;
  • assessing the relative viability of suggested schemes;
  • prioritising schemes according to their effectiveness; and
  • providing an action plan for implementation.

FourSight assists with both the planning & implementation of both CRES and IG schemes, including fund raising event management.

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