Capital Charging & Asset Management - Your Investment

Quantifying the use of capital within an organisation is essential establishing whether the organisation resources are allocated and utilised efficiently and effectively.

An effective asset management system:

  • produces capital charge information;
  • quantifies the assets owned by the organisation;
  • aids opportunity cost decision making;
  • monitors capital usage.

A system to measure, quantify & allocate resources - accurately

FourSight has assisted a number of organisations to develop capital charging and asset management systems and are fully aware of many commercial software applications available. We are able to offer our clients a wide range of solutions to their asset management problems.

Services provided include:

  • the development of effective capital charging systems;
  • a review of existing manual or computerised systems;
  • an assessment of the procedures for the maintenance of the asset register;
  • drafting and documenting systems and procedures;
  • the development of action plans to implement the recommendations;
  • a review and calculation of the charges levied;
  • the implementation of new or enhanced fixed asset systems;
  • reconciling existing data in the Capital Asset Register to the Nominal Ledger and processing additional transactions; and
  • awareness training for financial and non financial managers.

FourSight helps organisations to highlight areas for improvement and to assist with the implementation of an agreed action. FourSights aim is to support your organisation, ensuring it has a sound base for asset management and is left with the capability to maintain these processes in the long term.

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