Business Case Preparation - A case for development

Obtaining capital funding for a new venture or for service developments is a lengthy and complicated process. Frequently, statute or internal financial instruments govern the process.

FourSight provide multi disciplinary teams to prepare Business Cases on behalf of organisations.

Our staff are qualified and experienced within their respective areas such as project management, estates, finance, human resources and service planning. Our involvement varies according to client requirements and specifications. It can range from providing support for producing specialist sections through to Outline and Full Business Case completion, including PFI implications and any subsequent project implementation.

A sound case for capital development

The benefits of using FourSight are;

  • experienced and skilled staff are provided immediately thus minimising the learning curve;
  • teams of varying skills and experience are available who can work with each other on a flexible basis as and when they are needed;
  • the client has total control and flexibility as they determine the level of FourSight's involvement and retain full ownership;
  • the budget can be fixed so there are no hidden costs;
  • the client has no long term commitment to employing dedicated staff on the payroll;
  • the client has the backup and support of FourSight which includes their multi disciplinary experience and support models.
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