Business Planning - the way ahead

A structured approach to the planning and delivery of all aspects of service is required to ensure that both users and strategic partners are fully satisfied. The necessity to allocate resources more effectively in order to satisfy consumer and client demands, there is an increased need for the construction of business plans. These plans are key management instruments enabling the effective control of service provision and planning. It is therefore vital business plans are co-ordinated and properly structured to minimise the risks and to maximise the effective use of resources. FourSight's approach involves the detailed discussion and agreement with strategic partners which may include other organisations such as health authorities, GPs, private partners, investors, other NHS Trusts, local authorities and voluntary groups.

A well-constructed Business Plan will include details of:

  • current and future service provision and trends for all services;
  • management and staffing requirements;
  • strategic marketing and implementation;
  • strategic plans that identify future demands and strategic partners;
  • existing and anticipated competition or duplication;
  • a financial overlay, including a review of costing and pricing policy;
  • methods and timing of implementation.

A tool to allocate resources and to communicate your intentions

The use of a properly constructed Business Plan will provide benefits by:

  • providing a focus on the organisation's "vision" and strategic direction;
  • reviewing present and future activities and objectives;
  • providing the necessary data for allocating resources;
  • obtaining the support of external organisations, ie commissioners, bankers, statutory bodies, etc;
  • communicating the plans of the organisation to its staff, the community and to its strategic partners;
  • allocating functions and objectives to the managers; and
  • providing a base against which to monitor progress.

FourSight believes that if a business plan is to be effective the management teams must own it. FourSight therefore works closely with that management team to develop the plan so as to ensure the plan is accurate and meaningful. FourSight assist many organisations to develop business plans, these include;

  • the provision of in house training for managers;
  • developing a business planning framework for managers;
  • facilitating the business planning process on behalf of the organisation;
  • writing up business plans on behalf of the organisation.

A well structured and understood Business Plan can be used throughout the organisation, its partners and to the community at large, to demonstrate the direction and objective of the organisation.

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